Can Marriage Survive Infidelity?

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Infidelity is as common today as it ever was, but fifty years ago or more, it was seen as normal for a husband to have a mistress, or have extra-marital affairs. Marriages have survived infidelity in the past, it is just the divorce rate that is going up.

When your husband wants to find another woman, there are many reasons. Men have always had a higher sex drive than women, and a man who is not getting what he needs at home, may try to find it outside the marriage. Also, men are naturally programmed to spread their seed, far and wide. This is a big cause of infidelity.

Testosterone plays a big role in male infidelity, and you can tell that your man has been exposed to a lot of testosterone, if he is hairy, has a deep voice, and curiously, has a long ring finger, (among other things). You may be able to make a better effort to keep him satisfied within the marriage, and that could solve the problem.

When a woman goes outside the marriage for sex, it is sometimes to do with sex, but more likely, a woman wants to feel loved, needed, and generally made to feel good about herself. Female infidelity needs to be solved emotionally, by being romantic, caring, etc. This is not always easy for a man to learn how to do.

There are many ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you, but really, the important thing is finding out the reason why they would do that, so you can have a better marriage, without infidelity. Divorce was a dirty word until recently, and probably more than half of the marriages in times gone by, had to deal with infidelity, and survived.

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