Valentine’s Day Party Favors

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Unique and Easy Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Personalized M& M candies are very popular Valentine’s Day party favors as you can literally put any message on the candy and have a unique favor with no effort on your part. The chocolate arrives at your doorstep and you can enjoy the oohs and aahs from your friends and family.

Wording Ideas

Depending on the type of party you are hosting, you can have messages on your Valentine’s Day party favors from the witty to the romantic and from the classic to the cute. If your party involves people you are very close to you can get ‘Love from Vicky and Tom printed on the candies. You can tie up a handful of candies in organza sachets available in the wedding aisle in craft stores or even go the cellophane bag route with some pretty curled ribbon

If however the guests at your party are business associates and other people who you would like to leave with a more formal message then perhaps ‘Valentine’s Day 2008’ or ‘Valentines Party at the Henderson’s’ is the safer way to go. You can buy little trinket boxes in paper, wood, plastic, ceramic at the dollar store or go for more upscale versions depending on your budget and the style of the party.

Valentine’s Day party favors are little tokens people take home with them. They are essentially your way of saying thank you for coming. They need not be expensive and with such personalized candy need not be.

Craft Central

If your party is for a bunch of children, you can actually get them to make the Valentine’s Day party favors themselves. This way you have a craft and a goody bag rolled in one. Bake or buy heart shaped sugar cookies get pink and red frosting or add food color to vanilla frosting. Buy some sprinkles, and other confectionery and let the kids have a blast decorating and then taking their cookies home. Keep zip-top baggies and wax paper handy so that they can easily take multiple cookies home without it being too much of a mess.

Cheap and Popular

Check to see if your local McDonalds has its Valentine’s coupon book for sale. Retailing for around $1, it holds coupons for free ice cream cones, small French fries and cookies. You can pop one coupon book into each goody bag and the kids will be so excited about their virtual money as a Valentine’s day party favor. Just make sure to remind parents these coupons have expiry dates.

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