Increase Traffic And Build Your Site's Google Rating With Articles

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When an SEO expert is trying to build up the Google rating of a website, and increase traffic, he knows he has to get a steady increase in the amount of incoming links, from keyword relevant, quality sites, with a good page rank. The link text that is used to make the link should be from different, relevant keywords.

For example, if I wanted to make links to this article, I would make the link from link text keywords, and keyword phrases such as: traffic, increase traffic, and Google rating. I might want to make links from link text of the whole title. Increase traffic and build your sites Google rating with articles.

Obviously, it is important to include these keywords all throughout my article as well. Articles are used by SEO experts to make links to big sites, and build traffic, and they usually use many different domain names to make the links from.

Some use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to increase traffic. Some use social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, or Delicious, and while these sites do play a part in increasing the websites Google rating, the main purpose of posting links on these sites is to get traffic.

Articles work a lot better at passing link weight to a particular site, because they allow you to make the links as link text, and also from a relevant page. It may take longer to write an article, than just paste a link on Twitter, but the value of the link weight transferred is much greater, and the people reading your article will be already interested in the subject matter, and more likely to click on the links made from it.

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