Is There A New Worm Circulating in Yahoo! Mail?

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In the past few weeks I have been receiving e-mails from some persons who are in my contacts list in my Yahoo Mail. The e-mail has no subject and when I opened it the content is just a link that looks like a blog owned by the sender.

The first time I received this, I thought that the sender, a good friend of mine,  have created a new blog and sent the link to me. When I clicked the link though, I was surprised it was redirected into another page. I thought maybe the url was mistyped. A few days later though, I received another email from the same sender with the same charactersitics, no subject, contains just a link that looks like a blog link. The link address however is different! Now, it raised curiousity. Then within the same week, I received two or three more similar e-mails from tow different persons, both yahoo mails.

I updated my anti-virus and anti-malware programs just in case then, in order to see where the link is being redirected I clicked it. One lead to a Canadian Health club site. I stopped the page from being loaded as soon as I saw the address, just in case the site contains an unwanted script.

I scanned my computer with my anti-virus and anti-malware programs and received no alarm from both.

I checked Google and Yahoo if there’s a new worm circulating in Yahoo mail, all I got are old news. I posted this question in MyLot to see if others have observed this too. Sure enough I got several response that said they too received similar e-mails.

I have not received any answers regarding my question though.

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