Develop a Writing Habit

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Many of us have the dream of becoming prolific writers.  Yet, one of the excuses about writing is that we can’t come up with any ideas.  To become a prolific writer requires one qualification: to write.  It sounds cliché but it is really true.  In order to become a writer who writes every day and generates good material, it means to just sit down and write. 

Many writers wait on and expect the all-illusive “inspiration”.  However, inspiration only comes through pushing ahead with the actual action of writing.  Certainly, not all ideas will be winners and there will be some things that the writer will want to throw away.  Don’t.  Many ideas and pieces of content may not be well formed or developed, but they could be the foundation of a piece in the future. 

Winston Churchill, himself a prolific writer, insisted that a person must sit down and by all means, write for three hours every day if they wanted to succeed at writing.  For many of us three hours may seem a little excessive.  However, the fundamental idea here remains; that is, to make writing a daily rule if you want to be a writer. 

For a beginning writer, use the following three steps to develop a writing habit:

  1. Write Every Day.  To become a successful writer, it requires sitting down every day and simply writing.  Schedule a set time each day, whatever time of day it is that you feel most creative, and begin. 
  2. Write for at least a half hour.  Make sure that you write for a substantial period if time.   It is important to have time to warm up.
  3. Don’t Self Edit.  Let your thoughts flow and don’t worry about grammar and punctuation.  You can always go back to those.   Don’t convince yourself that your ideas are stupid or without merit.  Do not be your own worst critic.  Do not judge your writing.  Like anything else, the more you do it the better you will become at it.  The act of simply writing will allow your writing to continue to improve. 

Keeping these three tips in mind will help your writing in the beginning.  After falling into this rhythm for a while, you will find that the things you are writing begin to take shape and you will yearn each day for that creative time in which you do not have to write, but that your day is not complete if you don’t write. 


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