Should Euthanasia be Legalised?

Euthanasia is not at all an old thing. When a man was seriously hurt in a battle, or accident, and before the days of good medical care, the only thing to do, to ease his pain, was assisted suicide.

Imagine having a festering gangrenous wound, that was slowly eating away at your flesh, with your legs and arms broken, or hacked off. There would be not much you could do before modern medicine, except wait to die, or ask that somebody help you to die. Assisted suicide or euthanasia.

While modern medicine has improved a lot over the years, it still cannot take away pain, in all cases, and there are so many incurable terminal diseases that slowly kill people, causing unbearable pain. Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is the only merciful thing that can be done in many cases.

It is actually modern medicine itself, which causes a lot of the suffering. It is simply against the law for a doctor to allow anyone to die, unless they have a DNR, (do not resuscitate). They are not allowed to assist a person to die in any way, at least not in my country, because euthanasia is considered murder.

What about when a person cannot even speak, to tell a doctor that they only want to die? I remember watching the video clip to the Metallica song One, and being moved by the legless, armless man, who couldn’t speak, or see. Such a creature could not have survived a day, without the ‘help’ of modern science.

He was communicating in morse code, continually saying “kill me”. Begging for someone to help him die, but nobody would, even though they all knew that euthanasia was the right thing to do for him.

Docotors are allowed to cause unnatural pain to exist, through keeping people alive, with new technology, but they are not allowed to terminate that life, and let the pain end. Many would argue that it is not the job of a doctor to commit suicide for a patient, but when the patient cannot do it themselves, the only solution is legalised assisted suicide (Euthanasia).

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