How Smart Are Facebook Users in Singapore?

How smart are Facebook users in Singapore? It is a video from sophosLab’s asked randomly chose people from the street and asked them if they are a Facebook users and if they, Paul asked them a 2 simple questions and I am too 🙂 from Bukisa.comLab’s I would ask you the same questions just write your answers  in the comments.

The first question: Would you click on a Facebook link if it offers a free Ipad?
The second question: And if it offers for you a free Iphone? It is simple questions so what would be your answers?

Anyway the right answer of course don’t and don’t and don’t and don’t do that there is no one this days offer something for free it is just a spam will ask you to access to your account info to get the offer then it will share itself  to your friends and then it will appear to your friends and most of your friends may  do the same and the friends of your friends most of them  may  do the same and the circle will continue until Facebook team wakeup and notice that there is a spam link in their pages and after that they will block it, Anyway watch the video and Watch the results – you might be surprised! and don’t forget to tell me your honest answers.


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