The Best Strategies For Making Money At has become one of the most popular venues on the internet for writers seeking to build a portfolio, participate in community discussion, hone their skills, have an active volunteer role in productive administration, or even earn money, where thousands of contributors are constantly working to discovering the best strategies for making money at Helium.

On Helium, there is several ways to legitimately make actual money. Upfront payments for most channels offer money instantly for a submitted article within the first five submissions for a title, with the amount depending on the writer’s amount of writing stars (awarded on a basis of correlating quality and amount of previous articles, up to five stars for 500 articles rated within the top 25%). This pays up to $2.50 for every submission, with an additional $1 as an Empty Title Bonus if it is the first article for a title. Also, writers get pennies or fractions of pennies every time someone loads and reads their article online.

These are the primary avenues of earning income on Helium, and the ways to make money on Helium that are accessible to nearly all members, are intuitively understood, and have tools to show progress (writing stars, the earnings & payments page). However, these are not the only tools for making money on Helium, and a member hoping to discover the best strategies for making money at Helium has a few tricks to learn.


But, in the end, despite all the complex tactics involved, the best strategy for making money at Helium is to write, write, and write some more. None of the money-making strategies work if a writer will not submit any articles, and once a freelance author learns to write with both quality and efficiency, simply writing a high quantity of articles at a high quality with high efficiency remains the best way to make money at Helium.

Marketplace and Contests

Rather than simply using Find A Title and submitting to one of the thousands upon thousands of available topics, a Helium member can take advantage of two specialized pages, Marketplace and Contests, to potentially make a premium on their submission. The word “potentially” is key here, though, as each section is competitive. The Marketplace is where third-party organizations offer a professional rate to one article need they have, meaning that 40 may submit but only one will be chosen to receive the premium rate. However, savvy writers who are flexible and able to write on a wide variety of subjects can target Marketplace topics with less competition, thus enhancing their chance of landing the payment. In Contests, Helium itself sponsors a contest, with a list of applicable titles (that, in themselves, are usually excellent targets for submissions anyway), and a bonus payment for those who earn the most on the contest points systems, which is elegantly explained on every contest page. Writers who submit a handful of articles, each of them highly ranked, may win $50 for placing first in the contest, for example, making this one of the best strategies for making money at Helium, especially since many contests seem to be going on every week.


Since writers earn whenever their articles are viewed, it is in their best interest to boost views however possible, including promoting links to their articles on their Facebook or Twitter status updates, or using the built-in tools on Helium on each article, including Reddit and StumbleUpon. Promotion is a tricky tactic, with some promotional efforts falling flat, but occasionally an article can go “viral,” especially if it is entertaining, of special interest, or seasonal, and thus be potentially lucrative, offering a Marketplace pay-out for just a “normal” article, allowing promotion efforts to be one of the best strategies for making money at Helium.

Search Engine Optimization

For those not wishing to shred some of their dignity and be constantly self-promotional in their promotional efforts, they can, instead, actually write their articles in such a way as to enhance their chances of landing on the first page of Google search results for a particular term (usually by including the key words or phrases a few times throughout the article, and still writing it well enough to be rated #1 or nearly so for its title). This way, any internet browser at the moment could find the article, read it, and the writer could earn. For example, an article on the best bakeries in New York would include the phrase “the best bakeries in New York,” including in the first sentence and once in each subsequent paragraph. Then, if dozens of people search for that key phrase every money, and read the article, the article now has a tremendous long-term earnings potential and may prove to be a reliable revenue stream for its writer.

Helium writers are an intelligent, innovative bunch, who will surely go on to create even more tactics for maximizing the income potential of the website. Combinations of the above best strategies for making money at Helium have already been proven to be successful for many members, who make hundreds of dollars a month, and many more will discover that Helium can be a rewarding place in many ways.

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