Mazda 3, Mitsubishi Lancer or Subaru Imprezza

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I am planning to get a car next year so I am wondering what car to buy. I am thinking to get mazda 3 2010, lancer evo or ralliart and Subaru imprezza sti. Althought those 2 cars are expensive like lancer evolution x and Subaru but both of them is car that I like.

I live in the Philippines. Right now I am driving my mom’s car Honda civic 2008. from the city were I live there are a lot of people driving Honda civic already so I want it to be more different. Actually I am not a guy who is a showy type that wants to show people what car I have. I just like the feeling driving a sporty car because I used to drive a lancer Mx a good set up but decided to sell its since it was a 2002 model.

I consider mazda 3 because of its interior design plus the sporty feeling once you drive it. From were I live there were only few people driving mazda 3.  the gas consumption of  Mazda 3 is not that high compare to Subaru. Ralliart is one of the best case I am thinking of buying but the gas will kill my pocket.

Brand new Subaru is not that expensive. Actually this is my first own car if I am going to buy a car next year.

Ive watch a lot of car reviews in youtube. and been checking out website cars for sale in the Philippines.

So if you guys read this article feel free to comment or suggestion of what cars would you choose. I am still open for opinions.


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