Online Dating Leads to Life Time Commitment

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You are walking down the street, you see this beautiful woman that just takes your breath away. You get nervous, walk up to her, and maybe say hi. One thing leads to another and you are making a date for next week. You date for about a year and then you talk to her father, ask his blessing, and then one, romantic night, you ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

That seems to be the way it USED to be done.

Here’s the way it seems to be done these days…

Sit down at your computer and log into myspace, facebook, myyearbook. Search hot girls. Find one that will talk to you. Talk for about 3 hours, start dating. Tell her you love her. Sign off. Next day, ask her to marry you because you can’t live without her any longer and want to spend the rest of your life with her even though you just met yesterday.

These days, people meet online one night, then a week later, they are getting married. If they DO get married, chances are, they are getting divorced within the 1st year. Where’s the honest love? The trust? The ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP? Not to mention the romance. And how can you even think about a marriage when you know nothing about this other person except what they tell you online and what you read? Spend all this money on a wedding then turn around what, a year later, and spend twice as much on divorce. To me, it’s stupid. I mean ya, it’s possible to meet somebody online that is your true other half, but that doesn’t mean just because you talk to a girl online she is THE ONE. I know a guy who has been engaged 3 times in the past year. To 3 different girls. Marriage is supposed to be special.Not just something you toss around because you think you can’t do any better than some random girl whom you know NOTHING about.

Like I said though… that’s just my thought on it.


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