Charity That Isn't

There is a difference between a person who runs short this month begging you a fan of bills to pay an expense and a person whose life is based on other people supporting him.

Al, for example, had always been a paracite.  He actually went to prison in his younger years which fully enculcated his belief that the world owed him a living.  He found a woman who supported him and when she left his daughter was old enough to support him. 

Al is a common Jamaican Male Paradigm. 

Desireen has always been a prostitute of one kind or another.  She started young, learning that sex brings rewards. She had sex with everyone who could pay her, dropping children which netted her a sum every week.

The cruelest thing done for Al was to support him. Had he been flung on to the road or impressed into some ‘work/release’ program while serving a sentence so that he learned the connection between work and pay, he might not be living off his big daughter. 

Had Desireen, when she brought the first man to court to support her child been streamed into some sort of program where she learned she was more than a babymaking machine, she would not be a beggar today.

Jamaica believes in keeping people hungry and constantly walking behind others,  begging their daily bread. And those that beg feel somehow smarter that they don’t work.

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