Spending Time With Children in The Kitchen

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Most children like to help their parents cook and bake in the kitchen. Most times during the Holidays, there is a lot more of that going on in our homes. Allowing our children to help us cook and bake is such a great learning experience for them. They are learning everyday living skills as well as mathematics! Here are some ways to get your children helping out in the kitchen:

Ages 3-6

Pour pre measured ingredients into bowls Lay out no-stick foil onto cookie sheets (you tear it off for them) Grease a cookie sheet or casserole dish

Ages 7-9

All ideas from ages 3-6 Seek, find and gather ingredients from the pantry and refrigerator Crack eggs into a bowl (before pouring in to other ingredients)

Ages 10-12

All ideas above Read recipe instructions to you as you bake/cook Work the mixer (stand or hand) Pour liquid ingredients into measuring cup

Working together in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time together!

No matter what age, its never too early to teach your children how to use a measuring cup and spoons, set the timer on the oven or to clean up as you go.

Teaching children how to cook and bake may prepare them for a culinary career later in their life. In addition, it will create fond memories and cooking with mom or dad and chances are those fond memories will be shared with their children later in life.

If you homeschool your children, spending time in the kitchen can easily apply. You are teaching math as well as life skills!


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