Save Money on Your Groceries

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Do you subscribe to the newspaper? If not, I highly recommend you do! I get the Sunday paper only, delivered to my door. In this paper you will find coupons! I suggest you clip only the ones you will use and organize them in a coupon organizer. My organizer is a small, accordion like one that fits into my purse.

Each time you go to make a trip to the grocery store, sit down before you go and take a peek through your coupons to see what ones you can use for that visit.

Clipping coupons “and using them”, will save you a lot of money.

Shop at your local discount grocery store. In NC, we have a store called Aldi. Just about everything sold there, has an Aldi label on it. The prices are great! I spend $50 at Aldi and if I bought the same items in a big chain grocery store, I would spend between $80 and $100 on the same items!

If you do not have a store like Aldi near you, go to a Wall mart Super Center. Walmart has great prices on food. It is usually less than the other big chain grocery stores.

OK, here is where you will save a lot of money! Remember those coupons I told you to clip? Well, certain stores like, Kroger and Harris Teeter have triple coupon sales every few months. This is where you have a “coupon shop”. Take the coupons of the items you use most and go shopping during the triple coupon sale, for those items only!

They do have a limit of how many coupons you can use, so I suggest you use all they will allow. I usually spend about $30 for $60 to $90 worth of groceries! That is a minimum of a 50% savings…. this is good stuff!

There is an organization called “Angel Food Ministries”, A box of food can be ordered for $30 (or so) and save a ton of money! The amount of food you get for $30 would cost you at least $60 at a big chain grocery store. You order your food and pick it up at a specified location in your town. This organization is wonderful for those on a budget!

Look through the grocery store sale ads that come in the Sunday paper and in the mid-week program that usually comes in the mail on Wednesday of each week. Go where they have items you need on sale.

After you clip your coupons, trade what you have left over with a friend and/or neighbor who clips as well. Chances are, the two of you use different items and you can clip more of the coupons you need. This equals more $$ in your wallet!

Some stores, like Walmart do price matching. If you take in a sale ad from another store and show them that they are offering an item for less, they will honor that other stores sale price and give it to you for the same.

There are also websites that allow you to print off coupons from your computer. One is  (there are others as well). Just do a search in your browser for the others.

Clip your coupons Keep your coupons organized Keep your eyes peeled for triple coupon sales Look through the grocery sale ads to see where items you need are on sale Look into Angel food ministries or something similar in your area Trade coupons with a neighbor and/or friend

Some grocery stores do not accept computer printed coupons. Be sure to ask at the customer service desk if they will accept them before you get to the checkout line!


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