Bake With Out of Town Family / Regional Baking Traditions

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If you have family in another town, state or even country there is something you can do to make you feel closer during the Christmas season.
You can bake together!

You may be asking yourself, “How is that possible with so many miles between us?”

Let me tell you how:

Pick a day and a time for everyone to bake together! Choose a special recipe: cookies, bars, candy, cake or a pie.
At the same time, on the same day, bake the chosen recipe together!
Take pictures and you bake, you can even give each other a phone call during the baking! Email each other the pictures you took while baking.

At the end of the day, schedule a conference call with each other and talk about your baking experiences.

This is a great way to feel connected when you are apart for the Holidays!

Regional baking traditions:

Have you ever realized that people who live in different parts of the country eat, cook and bake different things with different ingredients?

I found this neat website that lists several different items that are baked across the country for the Holidays!

Take a look and see if it holds true to where you live:

Go to: Butter is Best

See if you can guess where these goodies are baked:

Bananas Foster Bars Chocolate Butter Pecans Mount Rainer Macaroons Almond Butter Buckeyes

These are a few of the recipes listed. Did you guess correctly what part of the country they are made?


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