Making Gift Bags And Baskets

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Great ideas for giving gift bags and baskets for Holiday gift giving:

Are you ever at a loss as to what you can give to your friends for Christmas? How about the parent who has everything… we all have one of those, right? I believe I have a solution for you!

How about creating a personalized gift basket or bag? I am not talking about your typical basket filled with useless items that have no purpose. I am talking about a personalized basket or bag that does not cost an arm and a leg to put together!

Take a hobby that you know your gift recipient enjoys. Say for instance your sister likes to bake. Why not put together a basket or bag that contains a couple of boxes of cake, cookie or brownie mix along with some icing and a spatula? It is a personalized gift just for her!

Say you have a parent who enjoys coffee…you can create a basket or bag that contains a bag of regular coffee, a bag of flavored coffee, a bottle of powdered creamer and a big mug! Sounds easy right? And think about how perfect this is for your recipient!

If you now someone who enjoys to read, put together a basket or bag with a couple of books and a book light.

For one of the ladies in your life, put together a gift with bubble bath, a magazine and some scented candles!

Get creative! As I have said you can use a basket or gift bag to deliver the gift but you could also use a large bowl or pretty box, the possibilities are endless!

Gifts like these are sure to please every time! 

Making your gift wrap pretty:

Sure we can all wrap gifts in wrapping paper or stuff them into gift bags with a little tissue paper and those wrapping techniques work great! However, here are a few ideas to make a gift a little more personal:

Make handmade gift tags to place on top of the gift. Make homemade tags by printing out clip art off the computer and using it as a tag!

Wrap the gifts with wired ribbon for an elegant look.

Cut out recipients initials out of fabric or paper and glue onto gift bag or wrapped gift.

Add a small ornament onto ribbon wrapped gift.

Use remnants of fabric to wrap gifts.

Glue old buttons onto wrapped gift.

Add candy canes to gift bags or wrapped gifts.

Wrap gifts in felt instead of wrapping paper.

Check out the links below the picture for more fun ways to wrap your gifts!


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