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Are you a fan of Twitter? Do you tweet and follow people who do? If so, I have a tip for you. You can follow your favorite food companies on Twitter and receive helpful updates, recipes, tips and coupons from them. If you are not yet part of the Twitter movement, here is how you can get started:

Go to and sign up for a free account. After you are signed up, go to your main page and click, “find people” in the upper right corner of your screen.

You can put in names of people you know, the names of local business’, or food companies you like. For example: if you live in Raleigh, NC, you can follow Loco Lou’s coffee shop or Customer’s Choice DRY Carpet cleaning. All you have to do is type in their names and they will pop up. Then when you come to that companies Twitter homepage, you click the follow tab in the upper left corner of the screen. From that moment on, you will see their tweets and you will officially become a follower.

It is really very easy and is quickly becoming a great way to save money! A lot of business’ are now tweeting coupons and/or coupon codes for their followers.

There are actually people you can follow just to receive the coupons they tweet. Just put in the word, “coupon” after you click on, “find people” and they will pop right up.

In Raleigh, NC, we have Subway restaurants. If you eat a lot of sub sandwiches, follow Subway for coupons. Have a sweet tooth, follow Dunkin Donuts. Like to bake? Try following Pillsbury and Better Crocker!

Grocery stores are now joining in on the Twitter craze as well. Follow your favorite grocery store and get coupons and free offers from them too.

It is very easy and can be a lot of fun! So, Tweet away!


Most of us use Facebook as a networking tool to help us stay in touch with family and friends. However, Facebook can actually help us save some money on our grocery bill.

If you are not familiar with Facebook, it is an online networking site. Sign up if free and through this site you can keep in touch with family and friends by reading their thoughts and viewing their photos. To sign up, go to, and sign up for a free account. After you get signed up, start looking for your family and friends and send them a, “friend request”. This is how you are able to view their Facebook profiles. After you get all that done, now you can start becoming a , “fan” of your favorite foods.

If you use a lot of and/or like Betty Crocker foods, do a search for Betty Crocker and then click on the link next to their name that says, “become a fan”. By doing this you will be able to view posts from Betty Crocker and also receive updates and coupons from the company.

So, go through your pantry and make note of the brands of foods you use. Then, go to Facebook and “become a fan”. This is how you can save money on your groceries by using Facebook.

You can also search for your favorite grocery stores and do the same thing. Food Lion in Raleigh, NC for example, has given out free boxes of cereal through Facebook. It is worth it to take a few minutes and become fans of your favorite stores and brands.

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