Wildfires of The Soviet Union

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Wildfires have been taking over many parts of the Soviet Union for awhile now. The smog and smoke has steadily become a problem for many regions. Moscow has been one of the hardest hit and is getting wose with each passing day. This has raised the pollution levels to very dangerous levels and is also causing flight to be canceled or delayed and canceling sporting events for the time being.

Carbon monoxide levels are on the rise being 6 times higher than the maximun levels that are usually in Moscow. Enviromentalists warned the people of Moscow to stay inside. Dont open windows and use many layers of gauze masks when going outdoors. The people of Moscow and across Russia are battleing hard to keep their homes and property but many have lost that battle so far and many more will be affected by the fires.

Emergency personal are battleing some 577 fires across the Soviet Union killing at least 52 people so far. Fires have scorched lands three times the size of Luxembourg. With high tempertures of 108 degrees and no rain this has sparked all the fires there and at the moment there does not seem to be any relief in site.

The President himself has donated almost 12 thousand dollars out of his own pocket to help those citizens who ha lost their homes from the fires.The governemnt has also donated over 35 billion in aid for their people. Many people have left Moscow fe weekend in hopes of escaping all the smoke in the city.

Russia is the third largest wheat growers in the world and has stopped the export of this crop until the end of the year at least due to all the droughts and loss of crops. Consumer prices due to this wheat shortage has not been felt yet, but soon that will not be the case.

Many people around the world do not seem concerned about the issues in the Soviet Union, but  Iam sure if the fires continue to burn away the land in that country one way or another all of us will feel the effects of what is happening. Lets pray for rain and lower temperatures there in hopes that emergency personal will be able to get all these fires under control.


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