Drive For Cheaper Education Worldwide

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This could be applied to countries throughout the world.

I am living in South Africa and I have proposed to Student Representative Councils, safm, political parties and others, that the South African government here have standard textbooks for various subjects that one could download from the internet or buy at bookstores. People could then study using these and write exams without having to register at a university. This would save a huge amount of money. It could be done with subjects that are already offered by distance learning. The only cost to the student would be the books and exam fees.

I completed my BSc through UNISA and feel that this is a very feasible situation.People who used the above idea (if and when) could form study groups, rope the media in and so on. Perhaps the government could supply assignments and then later send out solutions (perhaps as downloads on the internet). Newspapers could play a part.

People wanting to do statistical surveys to find what support this idea would have in their community can download the free ConfTwoProp.exe Click here to download ConfTwoProp

Each country could create a whole new culture of learning with this model. More advanced students could help with study groups, have blogs on which they could give advice, and other communication channels could be set up to facilitate the learning process.

A Yahoo group could be very effective in supplying answers to student problems and making the student feel at home and perhaps this is one of the first things that should be thought of – creating a group for your subject.


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