My Experience of The Statue of Liberty New York

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The Statue of Liberty is definitely something you have to see if you go to New York or “Liberty Enlightening the World” which it is also known as.

Outside the ticket offices there are people dressed up as the statue of liberty with their faces painted to match the colour of the statue. You can get your photo taken with them however you will have to pay a donation which isn’t much, only a few dollars. My sister pretended that she didn’t get the photo the first time so she had a few pictures (she definitely wanted value for money) lol!

Once you pay you have to go through security checks before you get onto the boat over to see the statue. There are quite long queues and you will have your bags checked. Once on the boat the views from the water were fantastic we got some great photos.

I have also been told that the views from the Staten Island Ferry is the same and it is a cheaper option however I did not do this option. What surprised me was that the statue was alot smaller than I had initially thought. When you see it on the television you think that she is huge but this is not the case.

Once onto the island where the statue is you can get some great photos of the skyline. You can not actually go into the statue itself but you can climb up the platform she is standing on. You will get more security checks in which you will have to wait in more queues. In here there is a few exhibitions and there is a free tour guide telling you some history about the statue and will answer any questions you may have, I found her extremely helpful and passionate about her job. The exhibitions also were very educational telling you different facts about how the statue was built.

Then we climbed to the base of the statue and you can look up to see inside it, there is glass covering the passage up into the statue. I would advise you to remember to turn your flash off your camera when taking photographs, as if you don’t you will only have the flash in your photograph as the glass is there. You are not allowed into the statue as it is a fire hazard. You also can go outside onto the platform which is worthwhile for the views.

You also can walk around the statue and see the statue up close I found this short walk refreshing and definitely worth while. There also was a shop where you could buy souvenir’s of the statue. It was all in all a great experience!

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