The Most Absurd And Cruelest Sexual Acts

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If you found that act horrible, this is much more horrifying – a 10 months old baby girl raped by 6 men. This cruelest sexual act occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa a few years back.

1.) A Man and a Horse – Zoosexual Act

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The picture of a man having intercourse with a horse was taken on the exterior of a temple in Khajuraho, India. Next to the man is a woman that appears to be very shock. This is believed to be largely symbolic depiction of the sexualization of some animals (such as the horse being a symbol of masculinity) and is not meant to be taken literally Based on Orthodox Hindu doctrine, sex is restricted to married couples and zoosexual act is prohibited. Sexual relations with a sacred cow constitute greater punishment than with other animals.

2.) Human and Animal – Zoophilia

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Zoophilia is the weird practice of sex between humans and animals. It is also known as bestiality and a person who engages zoophilia is known as a zoophile. Sex with animals in most countries is illegal but in some countries, it is not outlawed.

3.) Porcupine – Dildo

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Unusual it may seem but female porcupines have been observed to use a stick as a dildo. They hold one end of a stick and walk around, straddle it as it bumped against the ground and vibrated against their genitalia. Some animal species were also known to practice autoeroticism like sheep, goats, bulls, camels and elephants.

For those who don’t know what a dildo is, it’s a sex toy intended for bodily penetration during masturbation or sex with a partner or partners.

4.) Bedbugs – Hypodermic Insemination

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Hypodermic Insemination, more popularly known as Traumatic Insemination, is the mating practice of some animals where the male pierces the female’s abdomen with his penis and injects its sperm through the wound into her abdominal cavity.

One species that practice such bizarre sexual intercourse is the male Bedbug (Cimex lectularius). As shown on the above photo, the male traumatically inseminates a female Bedbug.

5.) Bean Weevil – Traumatic Insemination

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The penis of a Bean Weevil or scientifically named Callosobruchus analis is spiny. Because of its spiny characteristic, the Bean Weevil’ penis always damaged the female reproductive tract whenever the male copulates the female. Because of the very painful process of reproduction, females use various techniques to resist being bred.

6.) Ducks – Rape Behavior

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Rape behavior had been documented in some species of ducks. Male Blue-winged Teals has been observed to do rape attempts by pair any time during the mating season. The reason for this unusual sexual act ensures successful reproduction.

7.) Birds – Coercive Sex

Ducks, Geese and White-Fronted Bee-Eaters appear to combine sexual intercourse with apparent violent attack. In has been noticed that such assaults are made on females who are laying eggs. These forced copulations occur as females emerge from their nest burrows. In some occasions, females are forced to the ground and mated with.

8.) Cats – Sadistic Sexual Intercourse

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Sexual intercourse among cats is quite unusual. When the male cat mounts the female cat, the former had to bite the scruff of the female as he assumes a position conducive to mating which makes the latter scream in pain.

9.) Cane Toad – Necrophilia

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Cane Toads have been observed to perform bizarre sexual acts. A male toad had been filmed copulating with a female toad which has been run over by a car. The male toad had been observed to have done this for 8 hours.

10.) Kangaroos and Dogs – Masturbation

Kangaroos are known to perform masturbations and they are also known to do autofellatio. Male dogs are also known to masturbate. They perform this sexual act by balancing on rear legs in order to masturbate with both front paws.

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