Always Leave a Message

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Often times we find ourselves alone and in need of sharing something that we feel is important with those who are closest to us. Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to tap a few keys on the device of our choosing, and send out some form of effort to convey those moments. Some of us tweet while others have embraced a cyber family of facebook members. A few older folks stil choose the beep beep beep bump bump bump bump method. Regardless to your method of choice, the common factor in all of these methods is leaving a message. When we leave these messages there is usually little if any doubt in our minds that they are going to be received by the intended party. The only way we really know that the message was received is when we get some sort of response. Sometimes that doesn’t happen for days, but we just know that our message is out there and will be received. What really surprises me is, with all the lack of immediate evidence of our messages being delivered, we still just know. Now in 2010, with all of this unexplained faith we have in technology, some people are still wondering if God is hearing their prayers. He hears, sees, and knows all, but whenever you call, always leave a message. The same principles apply, wait on a response. If you never get the response you’re looking for, you should spend more time getting to know the intended party.


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