Terrorism: What do Muslims Have Against The West?

Terrorism is a threat to all the people of the world because, it has the potential to wipe out all life on Earth, and its people, through the misuse of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Terrorists are joining forces around the globe, mostly Muslims, sometimes with impressive financialand political backing.

Theirs is a fundamentalism that far exceeds the religious fervor of Christians, simply because, in some cases there is nothing else in their life except poverty andmisery. In Islamicschools, students read the Koran from end to end, rocking back and forth, with absolutely no other education.

These Muslims are taught that Americans, and their allies are infidels, and they stole the wealthof the Islamic people, and have abused it, with a terrible decline in moral standards, of all sorts, from drugs,to prostitution, to destroying the very air we breathe.

First of all, does this have truth to it? Let me take you back fifty years, and observe the society we considered normal in the west. It was almost closer to Islamic culture than it is to our culture in this time. From a foreign country which has barely changed in hundreds of years, and didn’t see the stepping stones along the way, which brought us there, the west, or friends of the Jews, the muslims’ sworn enemy, has appeared to have gone insane overnight.

That’s not to say they wouldn’t still hate America for other things it has done, such as supporting Israel, but to them, we are two faced, spouting Christian propaganda on the one hand while doing terrible, unholythings at the same time. They don’t understand that such a diversity of culture could exist in the one country and they don’t understand what freedom is for the most part.

All they can do is read their bible harder and do what it says to do when they see an attack to their people in one way or another. In Afghanistan, the main crop was opium poppies, which played a large part in the wars that happened there and the harsh fundamentalism of the Taliban. And of course, the biggest buyer of heroin and morphinewas America.

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