Valentines Day Menu

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The Valentine’s Day Menu—Making a Memorable Meal

One of the most romantic nights of the year for any couple is Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for significant others to show each other just how much they are loved.  One way to do this is through gifts and flowers.  Another option is to plan a special day together. 

One of the most special things that can be done, however, is to plan a special Valentine’s Day menu.  Whether this is done instead of the other possibilities or in addition to, taking the time to plan such a meal is sure to put the cap on a wondrous day.

First Thing’s First

With any fancy meal, it is important to start off on the right foot.  This means not jumping into the main course too quickly, but preparing an amuse bouche and first course to have beforehand.  Going this extra step can really make the entire Valentine’s Day menu that much better.

An amuse bouche is typically just a small sample or taste—a teaser portion of something simply scrumptious.  For a Valentine’s Day menu, foie gras mousse with fig syrup would serve this purpose nicely.  Paired with Brut Champagne or German Riesling, there is no way you can go wrong.

For your first course, you might want to start with a salad.  This is a nice beginning to any meal.  However, seeing as how it is a special occasion, you should prepare a salad somewhat fancier than you might otherwise prepare.  An example of such a salad is the Pear and Prosciutto Salad with Toasted Walnuts.  This is sure to be an elegant and delicious addition to your Valentine’s Day menu.

The Real Deal

For the main dish of your Valentine’s Day menu, it is best to prepare meat of some kind.  Yet, it should be prepared in a way that is elegant, and presentation should be taken into consideration.  One idea is to prepare Hens in Half-Mourning, which is a French Dish.  This dish can be paired with French Burgundy or California wine.

What You’ve Been Waiting For

Valentine’s Day is a holiday known for its sweets and treats.  Therefore, the dessert portion of your Valentine’s Day menu is perhaps the most important.  Though you have many options when preparing dessert, any of which would be sure to satisfy, why not try a recipe such as Poached Pears with Chocolate Raspberry Sauce?  This dessert combines luscious fruit with delectable chocolate—a no miss combination!

Not the End?

A perfect Valentine’s Day menu can be the grand finale to a fabulous day of love, gifts, and celebration.  But who says that has to be the end of celebration?  The night is just beginning.

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