Manhwa: Bride of The Water God by Yun Mi-Kyung

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A village suffering tom a severe drought, tries to appease the water god, Habaek by sacrificing the most beautiful girl in the village as Habaek’s bride. Soah, a girl from the village is chosen to be that sacrifice. But instead of dying, she is unexpectedly rescued by Habaek and brought to his water kingdom. Soah was prophesized to love two men in her life when she was younger. She soon finds herself attracted to Mui, who she believes is Habaek’s (adult version) cousin, unaware that Habaek (the child version) and Mui are the same person.

The reason why Habaek’s powers diminish in the day, causing him to revert into his child form, was due to the curse that Nakbin put on him. Nakbin was Habaek’s first wife who died after placing the curse on him, in the hope that the Emperor would lose interest in Habaek since he could no longer use his powers during the day in the battle against the Sun Gods; Habaek’s affinity with water.

Habaek is able to use pools of water as mirrors see anything, as long as it is reflected in the water. Upon reaching water kingdom, Soah recognizes the child as her husband, but is unaware of his transformations. Moreover, Habaek, unable to explain, introduces his adult self as Habaek’s cousin, Mui. Despite his unpredictable nature, he is actually kindhearted, which has caused trouble for him in the past. He was deeply in love with his first wife, Nakbin.

As the story progresses, Soah realizes that Mui and Habaek are the same person, and starts to fall for him.

Habaek’s mother is the Queen Mother of the West and the Goddess of Death, a beautiful woman who is centuries old. She is the Goddess of Punishment, Torture, and disease, and also the Goddess of Love and Beauty. His father is the Lord King of the East and the God of Birth and Spring. Habaek has long since believed his father has died, as his father decides to go against the Emperor of the gods.

He is Habaek’s father, as well as Shin Nong’s closest and dearest friend. Because of his own affinity to fire and his decision to ally with Shin Nong, he separated from his wife and child. Habaek has long since believed his father has died. Despite his strong resemblance to Habaek, their temperaments are entirely different.

Habaek, eventually falls in love with Soah with almost the same intensity as with his first love, Nakbin. But when he is confronted with the real Nakbin, he chooses to stay behind in the imperial palace despite his longing to be with Soah. When Nakbin eventually realizes that Soah is the one in Habaek’s heart, she took one of his eyes as she cannot forgive him for looking at Soah with the eyes he used to look at her, but she is willing to forgive him if he is to look at Soah with only his remaining eye.

Nakbin finally decides to let him go, knowing that he will never let her go, despite his knowledge she was already dead. With Nakbin gone, Habaek resolves to go to Soah, promising Soah that he will only look at her with his remaining eye.

Thus, as Soah begins to learn to live in a strange new world filled with gods, she is soon caught up in the various intrigues that surround Habaek; finding it increasingly difficult to know whom can be trusted…


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