We Need Women Heads of States

Each time I reflect on what is happening on our planet earth I always feel troubled by the wars that are taking place in various places in this world. There are wars in some of the poorest countries in the world. Wars create widows, orphans and widowers. However, I strongly feel that the gender that is making majority of the decisions to take arms and fight are males yet the majority of victims are females and children. Children are being orphaned and left to fend for themselves.

We have examples of dictators that have chosen to ‘rise’ against their own people and cause a lot of suffering. In some cases, rape has been used as a war weapon. When rape is used, one asks about the statistics of men that have been raped by women in war situations. Is war a testosterone issue? There are some very poor countries whose leaders are choosing to buy weapons to kill and yet they are not providing basics such as education and health for their people. There are war lords trading their natural resources in exchange for weapons. Can we say the countries that manufacture weapons are also looking for markets when they are involved in such batter trades?

One trend that is evident is that majority of our leaders are males. These are the ones making decisions of choosing war rather than peace. I think we need less aggressive leadership that tolerates different opinions and promote peace. This I find in most women. Let us try to vote for women into positions of decision making including being heads of state. The day we will have at least 50% of world leaders as females that’s the day we can dream of a world without testosterone aggressions from males.

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