An Educated Man

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According to Albert Einstein, education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned from school.  A lot of people most especially the elders think so as well. We often hear them say that education is important because it is the only treasure that cannot be stolen. Education helps us expand our minds.  Not only do we learn new things, we also learn values that can be apply in our everyday life. Through education, we learned what is right and wrong and good manners.

However, being an educated man does not only mean earning an associate, bachelor and even master’s degree or well-spoken in two or more languages. An educated person should have the ability to think critically, analyze the situation and communicate to people in an appropriate manner and language. When you have already forgotten every math equation, every science theory or English literature that you have learned from school, the values that you have learned will remain with you. A person that has good values is an educated person because he knows how to manage a situation and communicate with people in an appropriate level. Being an educated is usually associated with academia but it can not only be measure on how fully rounded you speak and eloquent speeches at all times but also the values we learned and hold. Education provides us with knowledge and values that we need to become a productive member of the society.


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