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Finding Royalty-Free Valentine’s Day Images For Your Website

Whether you are promoting a blog or a product, there is nothing that captures your reader’s attention so much as a compelling image.  These images can help break up the text, making it easier on the eyes of the reader, which keeps them wanting to read your site longer.  They may even hang about to see why that compelling image was chosen, even Valentine’s Day images.

Copyright Highlight

There are gazillions of Valentine’s Day images on the Internet that can be easily downloaded onto your computer and then onto your blog or website.  Don’t make the mistake I did when I began as a freelance writer.  I assumed any image that you could download off of the web was public property.  If I did a post on love, heart care or dating, I’d just sprinkle the text liberally with any Clever Valentine’s Day images I could find.

There are some Valentine’s Day images that will refuse to download onto your computer because of formatting or copyright issues.  However, this is the Internet we’re talking about here.  Someone somewhere is going to post an image they purchased on their personal website and not copyright it and someone else can grab it freely.

You can see how dicey this can potentially get, ESPECIALLY if you wish to use Valentine’s Day images for a professional or promotional web site copy.  Some professional image websites are pretty sneaky and set their images to expire after a twenty four or so hour period.  All that’s left in place of the Valentine’s Day images are garish URLs of their websites, and a note that the admin of your site “sucks”.

Royalty Free Images

The only way around all of this is to jump through the copyright hoop and go to sites that offer royalty free images, including Valentine’s Day images, which are free to anyone to use.  They are also called commercial use photo collections or free stock photos.  Such sites include, but are not limited to,, Free Images UK, Flickr Creative Commons and 

Some places that normally charge for images, like, will often have a “free sample” section, but unfortunately their free images do contain obvious watermarks which may obscure the main Valentine’s Day images.  However, you do have the consolation that you won’t get sued by anybody.  That’s not good for the heart.

If you are using images, including Valentine’s Day images, just for your personal blog or personal non-revenue earning webpage, then you are free to use whatever you want, until someone decides to make a fuss for publicity reasons, like Prince’s recent attack on fan sites.

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