Alone But Together.

Life,this wonderful thing.

We forget that we are alive most of the time.Maybe have a near death experience wakes us up again but how often does that happen?

I remember one of my favourite things to do as a child was to wake up early in the morning and climb on the roof of our house and enjoy the sunrise.That crisp fresh feeling when everything is so quiet and it is as if the whole world for that little while is at peace.

In our busy life styles we never make time to appreciate our beautiful world and more importantly this strange yet wonderful human experience.

We are not human beings with a spiritual experience but spiritual beings with a human experience.

This temporary place we find ourselves in must not be taken too seriously.No matter how bad things get we must remember that there is a much bigger picture that dwarfs what we will become and where we are heading.When we get there we must be able to say that we made time for really experiencing where we were.

Every man is alive but not every man truly lives.It is not money that makes us happy but it is understanding and remembering that this time and place we are in now is but a dream for what is to come.The small things in life mean the most.

Care for one another.Don’t allow things to get to you.Simply don’t allow it.You are powerful.You have made it this far.You have learned a lot.

You are the leader of all that is you.You choose to go left or right but you choose.Right or wrong,you choose.You don’t stand still.

We are forced many times into many things but we go on.We stand up.Life will not step on me.Life is not here for me.I am here for life.I will live it and enjoy it in any way I please but I must be good to my fellow human and all the creatures and plants that live with me on this rock somewhere in the middle of space.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

We are alone but we have each other.

We are one but we are together.

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