Life is Too Short to Be Unhappy

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Living life to the fullest is a great thing, but many people go overboard and just buy anything that they may want not thinking about all the future payments ahead of them.

Yes, life is too short to be unhappy and finding happiness everyday seems to be a problem for many people. Granted, that over ones life time we all have had some sort of problem and many of us with tragedy in our life that makes living life happy a very difficult thing to have.

There are very few people in the world that can honestly say they are very happy everyday of their lives. They too had or have something in their life that has upset their happiness. Most get through and over the hurdle and get right back to their happy life.

Then there are those that just can not seem to overcome their problem and continue on being unhappy for possibly the rest of their lives.

There must be a way that we as humans can figure out exactly what would make us happy everyday of our lives. Maybe we are unhappy do to the stress of being overwhelmed with bills or losing our jobs or a sickness in our family and so many other things to make us unhappy.

I have had all the above and more and I can tell you that yes, it is really hard to be happy with so many negative things going on in our lives. The world itself in my opinion is turning into a real mess if it hasn’t already. How can one think of happiness with everything going on in our world we live.

We can’t fix the world, but we can try real hard to make our lives a little happier and try to relieve some of the stress in our everyday life by making some changes in our life.

I have come up with my conclusion on these things by possibly down sizing my life and try to live it debt free. My reasoning for this change in my life is not only for myself, but for my families welfare as well.

I think by doing this everyone involved will be a little happier and maybe then we can live life the way it should be lived and not just work and work for nothing but material things. I think that happiness is much more important than any material thing in my opinion.

Peter M. Bruno enjoys writing about ways that he has found in helping him to Achieve Sobriety. I hope that my stories, thoughts, and ideas that I have written can help someone in the world to be able to have Sobriety in their lives. You can read more about how I achieved sobriety and also about whether or not you are living beyond our means.


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