Manhwa: Boarding House of Hunks by Hwang Mi-Ri

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The story revolves around Shin Jae Yoo , a boy-crazy character who is often hot-headed and desperately wanted a beautiful guy for a boyfriend. She is willing to use any means possible just to get to stay in a boarding house full of hot guys; even if it means going on a blind date with the most nerdy guy in school. However, she pisses off the nerdy guy’s best (and handsome) friend, Ji Hu, when she dumps the guy immediately after the “date”.

Ever since the incident, Ji Hu and Jae Yoo are constantly at loggerheads. When Jae Yoo finally manages to accomplish her dream of entering the “boarding house of hunks,” she thinks that nothing could go wrong: living in an amazing house with a kind landlady, and a cute guy (Oh Soo-bin) who seems to be interested in her… until she finds out that Ji Hu is the landlady’s son!

She and Ji hu fight more often when she moves into the house. But their frosty relationship soon take a turn when she sees him getting beaten u by Kang Tae-il and his gang. Kang Tae-il was Ji Hu’s rival from high school, who stole Ji Hu’s ex-girlfriend: Ji hu’s ex-girlfriend had dumped him for Tae-il after she watched Ji Hu being beaten by Tae-il; they three of them were friends since middle school. That incident had left a shadow on Ji Hu’s heart, causing him to be find it hard to trust people and find a new girlfirend.

After seeing a more humane side of him, she begins to be interested in him, and possibly even falling in love with him. Eventually she falls in love with Ji Hu and they start going out, making sure that no one in the house knows about their new relationship. But their journey is not that smooth as obstacles, as well as Ji Hu’s insecurities and lack of confidence in Jae Yoo get the better of him, and almost threatens to destroy their relationship.


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