How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme

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There are a lot ways to fraud people. One of the ways is pyramid scheme. The pyramid has loosen so many victims. In United States, at least ten of thousand people fall into pyramid scheme. I do not know why some people are still trapped whether United States has so many clever people. We can get abundant information about pyramid scheme in United States.

Some pyramid use MLM face. They want the business looks legal. For common people, we are hard to spot the pyramid scheme.

Therefore, you need to spot the pyramid scheme. You can do like this:

1.  Pyramid scheme usually recruit so many people and offers much product and. They will use the money for pay the early people who join this scheme.

2. Some pyramid scheme has legitimate. In Albania, the pyramid has legalization from the government. Finally, the pyramid couldnot pay Albanian people’s money.

3. Does the company promise you bonus if you referee a new people? To get more money, a pyramid scheme should find many members. The members should pay the registration fee or buy the product.

4. The pyramid scheme often offers some product that the member should buy it. Some product is more expensive than the other brand. You should not buy that product moreover you do not need the product.

5. Offers Jaguar, apartment, gold bar, and other. The pyramid wants the member to recruit or sell more products. Therefore, they offers expensive gift. The member must be attracted with those gifts.

6. Some pyramid scheme force the member to buy or sell product. I think it is not good for us. They also set the target for the member.

I think pyramid is not good for you. It is a fake business. If you want run a business you are better to run a real business. I also worried that pyramid scheme is also applied in blog or website.


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