How to Dramatically Improve Your Study Skills

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  1. Find a quiet area. Libraries are the best choice for obvious reasons. However, you can find other places such as bookstores or even cafes depending on the time of day.

  2. Rotate your study environments. It is easy to get used to a study place and become to comfortable. Instead, try to have 2-3 places where you study to keep your mental focus honest

  3. Have a diverse selection of study environments. Instead of going to quiet libraries. Mix up your selection by going to a neighborhood park. This is especially effective if the weather is nice or if you are feeling down on yourself by staying in a room all day long.

  4. Use WHITE light. Yellow lighting can cause eyes to strain and eventually sleepyness. White light can help you decrease the strain on your eyes and help you maintain your focus while studying.

  5. Take 5 minutes breaks every 1-2 hours. During your break, take some deep breahs and walk around to get your blood flowing again. Taking deep breaths can naturally decrease stress also.

  6. Eat fruit. Your brain uses sugar for energy. Fruit can give you that natural boost of energy without the crashing of candy or coffee.

  7. Study with friends who are doing well in classes. However, stay away from that smart classmate that are very negative. You want a supportive study partner who has the ability to teach as well as being a smart student.


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