Valentines Day Gifts To Make

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Valentines Day Gifts To Make You Not Sleep Alone

It’s the thought that counts.  That old saying does not work when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts to make, as opposed to buying something.  You better know what you’re doing in the area of drawing, cooking or putting together your own card.  When kids slap something together willy-nilly, it’s cute.  When an adult does it, it’s pathetic.  You’ll definitely be sleeping alone Valentine’s night.


The most usual and effective of Valentine’s Day gifts to make yourself are portraits of your beloved.  You need to use colored inks or pencils, unless you are currently working on your Studio Arts major.  Don’t get too flowery – a soft focus pencil study will be more effective than pictorial accuracy.  You don’t want your beloved to look at the portrait and say, “Is my forehead THAT BIG???”

If you’ve never drawn before, now is not the time to learn.  If your forte is drawing caricatures, you will not be able to do a flattering portrait of your beloved even if a gun is put to your head.  Remember – the emphasis is on a FLATTERING portrait, not an accurate one.  Frame it for them.  You could also turn this into a unique Valentine’s Day card.

Cooking A Special Dinner

This Valentine’s Day gift that you can make yourself very popular with your beloved if you do it right.  Even if something screws up, just the atmosphere and the obvious effort you put into it should be enough to charm.  If your cooking fails, order a pizza.  If you are used to cooking, then the cooking will be the easy part. 

It is the atmosphere of the dining room that makes or breaks this Valentine’s Day gift you make yourself.  You need fancy clothes, soft music (whether classical or Barry White – or classical Barry White), flowers, a nice clean tablecloth, a clean or at least neat dining room and a bottle of champagne or wine if both of you are allowed to drink alcohol. 

The effect of this Valentine’s Day gift that you make yourself is generally favorable.  It says, “I think you are so special that I went out of my mind cleaning and cooking and wearing clean clothes just to make you happy.”  You want to turn your home into a somewhat starred restaurant with the sole focus being the beloved.  Foods known to be aphrodisiacs include asparagus, cucumber, vanilla, oysters and chocolate (not all together, though).

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