How to Work Better And More Efficiently

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If you think something has taken more of your time than it is worth, act on it promptly. Make an appropriate decision at that moment you are dealing with the issue and move on. Never let procrastination eat up your precious time and cause you to lose many golden opportunities.

Never engage in unnecessary meetings as they can be big time wasters. Prior to reserving a conference or meeting room and clearing your calendar and that of your constituents, ask yourself whether the meeting is essential to solve the present situation.

Do not waste valuable time by reading anything more than once. Try to scan/skim routine documents quickly but take time to go through important documents or complex reports carefully. It is always better to highlight the important points to focus on, rather than wasting time re-reading unnecessary articles. Rereading material daily can be very time-consuming.

Plan your day wisely and use your time beneficially. An hour planning ahead will avoid four hours blown away later on. Check your calendar for appointments, errands and phone calls being made by always updating your to-do list to help set priorities on specific tasks that need immediate attention. Next, reschedule, reorganize and review your previous day’s workload to avoid time-consuming tasks. It is always better to cut through unnecessary confusion by clarifying it in order to head into the right direction from the outset.

Do not just let your problems go, but be specific about their deadline and task by examining back early and often, while you still have time to easily change the course. Whenever you point out the problem, be considerate to suggest a solution. By doing so, you are saving your boss’s time and yours, and you are also able to portray your ability to handle the problem by thinking ahead.

Keep your reply short and simple. You could just type “go for it” and this short reply will not only save your time, but also your recipient’s. If you need to discuss the issue, then do it by phone or by person to person to avoid endless trails of replies and misunderstanding.

Do not set your goal so high that you can not achieve it. Please know that your aim is to get a task/project done and then you should get it off of your desk. Perfectionism can be very dangerous as it can raise the urge to tinker indefinitely. When you have accomplished your task, stop. If you find the problem is overwhelming you and causing you to feel stuck, put it out of your mind for at least 8 hours and get a good night’s sleep. You will definitely think clearer and better the following morning. Please also know your body clock, and when you can not figure out something, as you are not at your peak. Try doing your toughest task later.

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