Digital Cameras And The Future

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Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have evolved in a short time as the computer. Digital cameras were developed in the last quarter of the 20th century, from predecessors like the video camera tubes. They have many features now but in their early stages they had too many problems and way to expensive for most people to afford. They were first used for military purposes, including spying on enemy lines from satellites. Today they are used for many purposes and can be modified to fit ones need. They range from prices and styles but the picture still remains the number one priority.

The digital camera still depends on its heart, which being the CCD image sensor. The price of a digital camera now depends on the quality of its megapixel capacity. The higher the pixel capacity of the digital camera the higher the price.  With today’s advanced technology digital cameras have to be accessible to many platforms. The pictures from a digital camera can be easily assessed by a computer or cell phone. You can send it straight to your email or simply save it in the cameras memory.

  Digital cameras can be used to comply wit ones’ job or hobby. But everything in the camera is not as it seems from the outside. One only sees the intensity of the shutter without seeing the inside as it turns the light into electricity. Or the sound it makes as the electrical charges create the perfect image. Another feature in development is the flash no flash, that makes it look as if the picture had been taken with flash when it wasn’t. The megapixels on today’s cameras range but the highest would be 15 pixels.

The price of the cameras is mostly depends on the principle of Henry’s law which goes on the basis of pixels per dollar. Digital cameras might not be cheaper that the dispensable cameras a the local store but they serve for many more things. The reusability, durability, and the easy ways to share your photos on other platforms without having to print them. It is more convenient to have a digital camera that a film camera as you can customize your photographs better and the digital cameras are smaller than most common film cameras.

Than there is their image resolution that is better that that of the film camera. It also provides you with a digital image right on the camera which you can access on your computer and customize to fit your desire. The life of the digital camera depends on the battery and for that reason it has become a problem for developers to create a small enough battery to fit on the small cameras. One solution that exists today is the lithium ion batteries that last much longer that the normal batteries.

The future of the digital camera very bright on many experts view. It’s a new technology that is evolving. The digital cameras have so much to offer as they have become more advanced. They are becoming the standard for professional and amateur photographers. The digital camera is more that a camera, it’s a way of life for many people who depend on it to provide them with great artistic images. That is why the digital camera is going to be with us for many more years to come. 


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