Salsa Dancing

 Salsa dancing is believed to come out of Cuba, from the traditional Cuban dances that got passed on from generation to generation. The songs and dances involve a couple moving very rapidly against each others momentum which involves some spectacular turns. The songs involve the Cuban “Son” style of music which is traditional in Spanish songs with guitar beats in them and African rhythms.

Today’s salsa dancing is a mix from much of the influences that it has encountered throughout its history. Particularly influenced by jazz. There are many styles of salsa dancing which vary by location. The most recognized type would be the salsa dancing depicted in popular media, the Cuban Salsa “Casino”. A flashy dance with colorful apparel that in turn has catapulted the popularity of salsa dancing around the world.

Every year it draws dancing loving enthusiasts to local dancing lessons. It is considered good for the heart and body since it requires some physical aspect of consideration that makes you have more stamina and a healthy heart after time of giving it a try. It is advised to take it step by step, beginning with the basics and then going on slow. That way one is to enjoy the steps and music with a more spiritual view rather that with a hardship face of trials and failures of trying to conquer that great step you saw in the TV. Salsa dancing is just plain fun and a healthy way to sharpen up the body, spice your dancing skills and give it a try. 

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