Why Are They All Going 3-D?

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Avatar was the first movie of 2010 which intiated the 3D trend.  I wasn’t able to watch the movie The Last Airbender, although I know for a fact that it was also presented in 3D.  There are more movies lined-up for 2010 which are all going to follow the 3D trend  — Despicable Me,  Step-up 3D, Piranha 3D, Saw 3D and Harry Potter 7 (Part 1) among others.

Why are all these motion picture companies now filming their movies in 3D?  Is it because it is what’s “in” or “hip”? Is it because making a film in 3D costs more than what it does in 2D, and that it will be the basis of bragging off a film’s budget?  Or is it simply because the story does not have much to offer that the movie producers will just have to resort to capitalizing on the 3D effects to cover up the film’s flaws?  From what I can remember of 3D movies, it was one of those gimmicks which sort of drew people to watch films which they would not normally see.  In watching the movie, you had to use 3D glasses so that you would have the feeling of being part of the scene and not just a mere spectator. 

Banking on this 3D trend, internationally known companies like Sony, LG and Panasonic have launched new television sets which are capable of displaying programs in 3D.  Furthermore, some popular cable channels will soon be launching new channels broadcasting exclusively in 3D format.  How about that?

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with this trend.  Getting a bad headache after watching the movie with those 3D glasses on is really not a good idea.  Additionally, it is really a biased proposition especially to those who cannot watch these films the way they were made.  In time, maybe this hype will all settle down and this trend will be but a fad and gone too soon.  In the meantime, let’s just try to enjoy this movie publicity craze that film making and appliance bigwigs have concocted to walk away with more earnings.

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