Valentines Day Garland

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How The Tradition Of The Valentines Day Garland Started

To get the answer to the origin of the tradition of Valentines Day garland you need to step back a little into the history. This would take you around the 17th century when flowers were most importantly used as a symbol for love and devotion. The rose in particular is dedicated to love and is considered as the favorite flower of Goddess Venus who is also the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

The Connection Between The Valentines Day Garland And Romance

In those times, the Valentines Day garland was meant to say ‘I love you’ in a very subtle way. All the symbols that tie it to love, sexual passion and romance have been merged into this simple way of presenting a Valentines Day garland.

However, just giving the Valentines Day garland would not be all. This is by far too simple. What you would also have to pay attention to what type of flowers (and color) are used to make this garland before having the perfect Valentine Day gift.

The first choice for flowers would be the rose which is already associated with love and passion; you have then the yellow rose that symbolizes new and ever lasting friendship. If you are fishing in the waters of love, and want to only indicate that you are interested in someone but you do not have direct access all you need to do is send him or her a bouquet of yellow roses. This would mean that you are asking for her or his friendship.

There are also flowers that say it all with only their fragrance such as posies, amaryllis, red lilies and the like. This information would be helping you to choose how you want to declare your love to your sweetheart. The Valentines Day garland is only one among so many ways to make your love known on the Valentine Day.

The Romance Is Still Growing

With every legend that backs it up or rather fuels it up, Valentines Day garland is growing more exciting as a symbolic method used to declare your love with the help of flowers. This is indeed a legacy that is handed down over so many generations celebrating love and the exhilaration of the feelings generated when you first find out you are in love.

Remember when you use flowers on the Valentine’s day you can say a lot with the right choice of flowers. Add a mini-guide to the garland or with your greeting card, lest your partner miss the message sent due to ignorance about the meaning of the flowers that make the garland.

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