Poems For Special Occasions

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You are…

a morning walk, at daybreak

a fresh new flower, on casual gaze

a chilling drink, in red hot sun

a loving breeze, teasing skin

the brightest star, in night sky

a kiss of love, from a child

my window seat, when in flight

the sweetest dessert, in buffet

my struggling smile, for picture pose

You’re a special, wonderful, angelic

     ..and best gift for me from my God!!

Green and Calm I see it all

No worlds no, none spoken

My soul could hear, feel whispers,

Inherited through this million year art

I feel a part of all this wild, and all these years I’ve known you,

My rain, My shine, My freshening wind!!

The rain has stopped, no time to shine

The evening sun is going down

A fresh new sight, not blocked by air,

An air so still, it lets admire,

Soaking in this frozen time,

Infects me, its emoting charm

Like nature you have a lot of grace

And inner charm unknown to world

I’d be this air that stands so still

Let all your grace pass through me,

Let change all world, your infectious grace

Now I see things, in new light

No words no greets nature can speak

Through drizzle and sprinkle, thus it spake:

Happy birthday blessed child,

Many many wonders in your life!!!

Happy Birthday My LoveJassie


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