Enter The Mind of The Bully

A person becomes a bully based from his/her experiences in life. Let say Mark is constantly being bullied for being small, thin and for having eccentric behavior. So he makes a promise to his self from the day he gets bullied by his other mates he would never allow other to make a fun of him. This is what a bully mind think…

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1.    I bully because I want to compensate to my loss for being bullied before and want revenge.

Pray that you never come cross my path and you would ever be sorry for awakening my attention. Showing aggressive behavior in violent manner is my forte sometimes show it in hideous way you do not even know you are in the process of being bully.

 2.    I bully because I like to test other people courage on how far they could react on my bullishness. If they don’t react I would continue to bother them.

The more they show they are afraid and fear me, the more fun and excitement I feel to pursue them.However I also get tired if the person never show any reaction for a longer period I would stop. If the one being bullied over react on my bullishness they are prone to suffer more because the more they show they are affected the more satisfaction I feel to ruin their lives.

 3.    I bully because I like to make it appear as all knowing and superior than other people.

It is my way to become popular and never like other to over shadow my image. The stronger bullies I become the more people would recognize me and become so afraid of my existence.

 4.    I bully to proclaim supremacy over the weakest species that is born like invertebrate.

They seem to have no backbone they should thank me because I only teach them to be brave. Over reaction on my bullishness it only means I am effective.

 5.    I bully because this world would be a boring place to live without me and if all am always kindand considerate this world would be lack of challenges and luster.

Just imagine all the people treat and respect each other with no contradiction. What a boring world to live?

 6.    I bully other people because I feel insecure with their calming attitudes so I like to wake up the silent dragon to see how you react.

If you react to me in silent way and show like you’re not affected despite of my worst plan to destroy your peaceful existence. Then, I would exit because if there is no reaction then how would an action be taken when it seem you already get used to being bullied like it have no effect on you. So in other word don’t feed me.

I feel sorry to those who could not cope or fight my being bully and then commit suicide. I never told or dictate them to punish themselves because they could not fight me. I only like to test their patience and how long they could adapt on my challenges not to push them to the edge and punish their own self because they are embarrass to retaliate.

Finally not all bully are bad because they only become bully when they experience being bullied before and acting like a bully is my way to derive pleasure and experience the excitement a bully felt when they bully the weaker one. I also feel sad to those who become victim of my bullishness. I am human too and deep inside I feel the anguish of the family of the victim of my bullishness who fall on my trap. Then fail to emerge as a fighter because they are afraid of me. My being bully is like wearing of a mask. You see me as stronger one because I am use to be the weaker one before I taste the pleasure of being a bully. It is only a try first then I get use to it and sorry for those who take the seriousness of my bullishness.

Remember: You have your own free will to decide and take a road where you could co-exist with me because whether you like it or not, in every corner you could always find a bully. With my final realization I would like to have a change of heart and whatever happen to those affected by the cause of my bullishness the blame should not all fall on me after all I only done my part to make other discover courage to defend themselves against me as life is a race so difficult to face. Learning from a bully mind you could learn a lesson that you have your own mind to think only of the right things and avoid circumstances that would pin you down. Never challenges a bully you would never know what you’re going to face unless you’re ready to fight back.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to actual incidents are purely coincidence and only form as part of creative thoughts.


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