Has Anyone Seen That Cool Windows Tablet Everyone Will be Raving About?

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What I cannot understand is how Microsoft can put out a product like the Kin that no one wants but does not have an answer to the iPad?  Am I the only person that sees this?  I read one article that states that Microsoft needs to get the tablet right and another that suggests that Dell’s tablet is not what it could be.  I would think that the timing is right for Microsoft to redeem themselves and put a program under low expectations that actually performs well (think Windows 7) and seize this opportunity. 

A tablet that did not run on Windows 7 that could give consumers what they wanted from a tablet would be interesting.  Consumers may not care as much if their tablet did not run on a full blown desktop operating system and Microsoft only needs to find a way to create a market for apps that only ran on the tablet.  Microsoft seems to have success with hardware when the devices are dedicated.  If they could find a way to integrate gaming or video taking capabilities of a tablet they could have a niche audience that is not served by the iPad.  It does not matter if the device is the best fit for the activities as much as whether or not people can use the device at all for said purposes.

The tablet could be the largest viewfinder ever, or you could create other devices that could tether themselves to the tablet.  You could sell a camera or create a standard by which peripherals had to communicate to the tablet by.  Think of how many people insist on printing wirelessly when it is not practical to do so.  The tablet could have your traditional WiFi antenna for connection to the Internet through a router (or wherever WiFi is available), but you could also have a dedicated link to communicate with a digital camera or any other peripheral.  In the case of a camera, the software would be both a viewfinder or allow you to manipulate photos before they are ever taken.  In the case of a game “Nintendo DS” capabilities could allow you to experience the split view that is the norm on that device or if you wanted to sync files between the table and a PC they could automatically sync up with each other when within range.

There are a lot of possibilities.  But Microsoft needs to seize on the opportunity now before anyone else gets a bright idea to and a better Linux device hits the marketplace.  After all Microsoft used to be an innovative company at one time …


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