Making an Honest Woman Out of Your Mistress ..

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After all Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz did eventually get married. So perhaps there is a light at the end of the rainbow. I am not for it but if you feel strongly enough go ahead and make an honest woman out of your mistress. But the big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Rachel Uchitel is ready to marry Tiger Woods. You heard it right, Tiger is in love with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger may as well marry Rachel Uchitel. Even after paying a lofty sum in alimony to Elin Nordegren there is still plenty to go around. Besides, I understand that she may be having trouble with her new job with Dr. Drew, and Donald Trump let her go from the celebrity apprentice. Why didn’t he divorce Elin and try to be with Rachel in the right way? Is Rachel his second choice or an afterthought, or are they in love because Elin is no longer in the way? I hope that Tiger Woods marries her and they have a happy life together.

I don’t know if a married man who leaves his wife for his mistress can be faithful to her or not. It is not for me to say. The potential for infidelity is there as she clearly knows what you are capable of. The primary difference is that this woman knows that you cheat, whereas with your first wife she may not have thought she would ever be cheated on. Even if you are head over heels in love with her and you never do cheat on her, there is still that chance that you would. 

Everyone should be in a committed relationship, even if those relationships are formed out of, well, a lack of commitment to someone else. Wanting to be with one person is part of human nature and an inevitability. Even though people are arguing that infidelity is part of human nature and that being with one person is unnatural. Of course it is unnatural; societies expectations is what keeps people in check and the fear and shame of infidelity. There are periods of time where you could not imagine being with someone else, because of your emotional involvement with that other person, but in time you need to work at being faithful and keeping yourself, to yourself. Just because people have urges and a “natural” desire to be with other people does not mean that they should act on those urges. That puts us on the level of an animal without any conscious or moral compass.

Rachel Uchitel deserves to be loved, and Tiger Woods deserves another opportunity. Whether or not they are right for each other is something only the two of them know, but they may as well make it right. It will be interesting to see, I think the ceremony should be televised if they ever do decide to tie the knot.


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