Excuse Me If I Am Cynical About Lindsay Lohan's Sobriety ..

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So Lindsay Lohan served 13 days at Century Regional Detention Facility and has a mandatory visit to a rehabilitation facility. Does this mean that she is going to stay clean? Seriously because Lindsay Lohan has been in rehabilitation before and completed the process but she always finds her way back onto the drugs and alcohol. So what makes us think it is going to be any different this time around?

The problem with being incarcerated, being in a rehabilitation or mental health facility, or any other form of taking time off from the fast life in order to reflect upon what you have done is that the time is always temporary. That is just one part of the puzzle. Another is that one is going to be the best person that they can be while they are in that facility because they do not want to be in there. So the entire fixation is on getting out of the place, not on getting the actual issues resolved. It is going to take an actual change to occur in Lindsay’s lifestyle to stay clean.

Has anyone considered that one of the reasons she is on the drugs in the first place is because of her family? They say that they want her to be clean, but then they seem to enable her in other ways. Her mother seems to be an apologist for her. Her father, as is the case with a lot of fathers that have estranged relationships with their children, either has his own conflicts of interest or cannot fully connect with her. We say that we hate Lindsay Lohan and treat her with the contempt that we had for Britney Spears when she was going through her problems but at the end of the day it seems that she is lost. 

Lindsay Lohan may be more of a spoiled brat than anything. I can’t hate anyone like that because they have not fallen to the depths that other people have that are required in order for one to have a realistic outlook on life to begin with. People are upset that she has not served her whole sentence. Of course these are people that have no clue just how overcrowded California’s jails are; they are more interested in keeping those that have committed “real crimes” locked up than they are someone like Lindsay Lohan. The point is that she served time. Whether or not she served 90 days and was ready to pull her hair out and take her own life to amuse those of us on the outside that are indifferent to what she is going through is besides the point. It would not matter if she was in there for six months that would not keep her sober if she was not ready to make that change. 

America’s sick and demented relationship with celebrity culture and how easily it allows the media to demonize some and exalt others is disturbing. Unless you were the actual corrections officer who had to deal with Lindsay Lohan being incarcerated why should you care? I take it some of you who do not want to pay for the roads in your neighborhood or do not want to pay to keep the street lights on at night are more than willing to pay extra money to see Lindsay Lohan serve her full sentence? Locking up these celebrities does not accomplish anything, that is one burden tax payers do not have to carry when they get out early. The real question is whether or not anyone is going to help them at the end of the day. Yet another stay in rehabilitation sounds good on paper. But we would like to see Lindsay stay clean and get her life back in order, just to make a fool out of the rest of us …


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