Lady Gaga Wants to Promote Abstinence, Should This Be a Bad Thing as Hypocritical as it May Seem?

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Lady Gaga is back in the news again about her abstinence from sex; this time around she says that sex would damage her creativity. I actually agree with her that partaking of sex, while it may be good for married people to do so in order to strengthen their relationships, could be a diversion from what is important. The reason that Lady Gaga’s comments seem to be controversial is because we are so used to music that comes from the big machine and artists that seem to be willing to do everything they can for fame that it is odd to hear someone suggest that do not practice what they preach. 

Some may say that Lady Gaga is doing this all for attention and to sell records and extend her reach behind her strongest fans to include those that are trying to live a righteous lifestyle and I have to wonder. Are their cracks in the image that she has perfected? Is it possible that Lady Gaga, though she seems to be more than willing to promote herself in one way, does not even believe in that image and is finally willing to open up to us what she is really about? You could say that Lady Gaga “goes hard” but when you hear her talk about abstinence, she comes across like a modern day female incarnation of Tupac Shakur; someone who has an image but wants to use the contradiction of what they really believe to show you how unsexy and unglamorous sex really is.

The bigger message is that if little girls focused on bigger goals than being popular by having sex they could actually be respected and accomplish whatever they set their minds on doing. Everyone knows that as much as men cannot get enough of women that are easy, those women are not ready to settle down until they have something of a “mid-life crisis”, and by then the chaste girls who tried their best to stay virgins until they are married have two and half kids and a nice house out in the suburbs. Or is this just the stereotype that exists; if Lady Gaga is a flirt can you be a flirt and a tease and still get what you want out of life?

Lady Gaga’s aggressive, outgoing, and flamboyant image may exist to hide deeper insecurities that she has about herself. Whereas Madonna was the real deal and living the lifestyle she already had in the nightclubs on a deeper level because she had money, Lady Gaga is a student of human behavior that knows how to tap into what everyone wants from her. The industry is full of people that are smarter than everyone else in the room that knows how to get what they want and have a legion of “architects” behind them. I wrote articles in the past about Lady Gaga and what people have to say about her and what she represents. My highest performing article dealt with how Katy Perry came at her, but quite honestly, Katy Perry’s own hypocrisy only strengthened Lady Gaga’s position. Besides Katy Perry had the number one song in the country and a record that was hot when Lady Gaga was winding down her record, so she got whatever she wanted out of that argument.

I have even gotten sick of hearing about Lady Gaga. I have often felt as though she was just part of the media circus, famous for putting out mediocre material. I don’t know if Lady Gaga is truly practicing abstinence or not. Then of course I don’t know if people being obsessed about whether or not someone is a virgin, the first or second time around, is necessarily a bad thing. Call this the light at the end of the dark tunnel that Lady Gaga seems to be caught in. Eventually Lady Gaga will be crucified for her hypocrisy but I will enjoy this while it lasts …


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