Gi Diet or Glycemic Index Diet Guide to Weight Loss

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What’s this?

     The Glycemic index measures the speed of food breakdown in the body. The main forerunner of the study is Dr. David Jenkins professor of Nutrition at the University of Toronto.  The result of the study indicated that the Higher the GI of the food item, the faster it will be broken down thus leaving us craving for another food fixing. People who consumed low GI food are least likely to enjoy another snack and feel full longer. The GI ranks ranks carbohydrates on a scale of 0 to 100 according to the rate at which they raise blood sugar levels.

How does it work?

    The GI diet have three diet traffic colors symbols: RED light for foods to avoid if you want to  lose weight, YELLOW light listing for foods to be enjoyed occasionally and GREEN light for foods that can be eaten as often as needed. By following the three traffic light colors the campaign to lose weight could be obtain effectively. 

What does it promise?

      This kind of diet assures you that you would no longer feel deprive or will not let you go hungry. By following the traffic light colors whereby face by different food on the table. One could easily remember the code and there is no need to measure and weight since it is color coded. Food includes in the diets are vegetable omelet, yogurt, chicken, fruits, peanuts which could be serve in moderate proportion. The GI diet also claim to be beneficial in reducing heart disease, stroke, type II Diabetes, colon and prostate cancer

The Verdict:

      The diet is highly recommended for those suffering from heart diseases and diabetes thereby reducing the need for medication and in some successful cases complete cancellation of medical appointment. Ask the opinion of your physician first before subjecting yourself to GI diet.


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