How to Repost Facebook Games Feeds That Fail to Post

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Are you a facebook games enthusiast?  Do you like to play Mafia wars, Cafeworld, Farmville, Yoville, Mall world, Treasure islands, Castle age and other games in facebook? Are you tired of seeing your facebook games not to publish properly even if you reload it? Then in dismay just have to click the skip button since it would not post no matter hard you click the tab.  Very annoying indeed. Here a tips on what to do to enable you to post your facebook games feed in your facebook wall.

1. When you publish your games. You see a layout like in the sample. But when you click it to  post it fail to post. This is cause of the desire to post the feed immediately in your facebook wall without waiting for the security lock to appear first. So it result to fail post feed. You need to right click the feed before you could publish it.

2. You need to highlight This frame tab. Then highlight the Reload frame and click it.

3. Depending on your browser. Mozilla Firefox would ask you if you like to resend the information or repeat the action. Just click resend.


3. Tada! You could see you facebook games feed to post again that fail to post before. See your facebook games feed appear in your wall page.


Hope it helps to all facebook games enthusiast. By doing all the instructions. Your friends could see your facebook games feeds and at the same time they could get the bonus from facebook games that you post from your own wall or share it with your friends facebook wall.


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