Two Last Minute Jokes For You. The Indian Chiefs New Job & The Blond Needs a 710 For Her Car

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An American Indian with a Shot Gun Sits Down as He Walks into a Cafe Dragging a Buffalo in One Hand and The Waiter comes Up. What can I get You. TheChief says Bring Em Cup of Coffee as HePoints On the Menu with the Other Hand. The Coffee comes and He Drinks the Cup of Coffee in One Gulp. He gets Up. Takes his Gun and Blast the Buffalo to Pieces and Leaves. The Next Day The Chief Returns again to Drink another Cup of Coffee. But the Waiter says Hold on Chief.  You was Here Yesterday and Made a MessbyBlasting the Buffalo & Leaving. I Apologize the Indian Chief. I got a Job in the AmericanGovernment and I was Practicing. You get to Drink Coffee All Day,Shoot the Bull, Make a Mess. Somebody Else has to Clean it Up and You Leave for the Day  

A Blond Walks into a Automotive Service Station. She says She needs a 710 for Her car. The Man behind the Counter is Baffled to What a 710 is. He asks a Mechanice Who is Baffled to. Sorry they say to the Woman. We don’t know What a 710 is. Can You Describe it. She says Yes. It is Round and it goes in theMiddle in my Engine. Can YouDraw aPicture of it the Man behind the Counter is. Here is a Piece ofPaper and a Pencil. She Starts toDraw What a 710 is and What is says on it. After the Mechanic Turns the Paper Upside Down after she Finishes Drawing it  Which it says OIL.


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