How to Get Your Youtube Videos Noticed

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If your Youtube videos aren’t getting the views it deserves, then try what I do!

Find as many popular people on Youtube that have at least one thousand subscribers, then post your video as a video response on as many of their videos as possible. If you have a Facebook account, tell all your friends to take a look and to tell their friends too. Perhaps you could even make a Facebook account for just your Youtube account. If you have Myspace, tell all your friends that you’re trying to get more views on your Youtube videos and ask if they can just take a look and tell their friends about it. Perhaps you could even post your videos on Myspace and Facebook and as the description a link to your Youtube account to view more. 

Remember to take your time with your videos because if your videos don’t look like you put your time and effort to them, the people that watch your video isn’t going to watch your other ones because they’ll probably be expecting something as bad as the first one. Take your time in your videos.

Show your family and friends your video and ask them to show their friends and family, the more they show the more views it gets. 

Make sure you make plenty of videos, the more the videos you make the more the chance of a person to see it in their related videos on the left. 

If your account still isn’t getting the views it deserves then you could try making another channel and having your main channel advertised on there. Although you’d have to post videos on that account too to get that one noticed. For a last resort, you could put the words, “Comment, like, and Subscribe” at the ending or on the description of your videos. If people subscribe or even comment on your video, people who have subscribed to them or are friends with them will possibly see too. 

A good start for a video is comedy, if your video makes someone laugh they’re bound to show it off to someone else sometime saying that they could try not to laugh or something like that, comedy videos are the ones that are mostly shared because people don’t really share Walkthrough videos, how to videos, and so on. Or if you have a certain skill that you’re really good at, you could post something like that on Youtube. 


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