Party Games For Kids

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Here are some great party games for your preschooler.

Game (1) Cat and Mouse

In this game you will need to put on some music and the kids have to squeak and scuttle around like mice when the music stops the kids must stay as still and as quite as a mouse.

Game (2) Guess who I am

This party game  is for 3-4 year old. Thank of some animals with the kids all setting at your feet you then start to act out the animal.  Gradually  you introduce some noises then the children have to guess what the animal is.

Game (3) Musical animals 

Equipment: Music, pictures of animals.

There aren’t any winners or losers in this game put on some music and the kids all dance around .

as you stop the music  hold up a pictures of animals such as cat, dog, pig, the kids then  all have to jump around the room imitating that animal .The little one love this game

Game (4) all change

A garden is the best for this party game because you will need some space .

The children will all stand round spread and call out 2 names of the children  who then have to run and try to change places.

I hope these party games will help you with your kids party .


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