Songs of The Morning – August 4, 2010

Every morning I wake up and, without even planning it, I start to mentally sing to myself random songs. This is a listing of the 5 songs of this morning and my suggestions for you to listen today.

@- Joaquin Sabina: 19 dias y 500 noches (19 days and 500 nights)

We start with a spanish song. Joaquin Sabina and his rough voice. The best part of the song is when it says “Me abandono, como se abandonan los zapatos viejos, destrozo el cristal de mis gafas de lejos, saco del espejo su vivo retrato…” which means: She abandonned me, as you abandon old shoes, she broke the cristal of my glasses (the ones you use to see far), she took away from the mirror her living portrait…

@- Paul McCartney: All my loving. Yes, by Sir Paul. I like The Beatles music very much but for some reason, I prefer this song in a live version from McCarney solo. I would say my favourite part is how the background voices are played.

@- Avril Lavigne: Complicated: I like the video on this one, how they crash the mall. Come to think, her fame is mainly based on how she makes-up her eyes, don’t it?

@- Joan Manuel Serrat: Sinceramente tuyo. Back to Spain, a romantic song if you feel like it. I have to say the lyrics in his songs are really poems. So, when I come to think about the best part of this song I would say it is when he says:

“No me pidas que no piense
en voz alta por mi bien,
ni que me suba a un taburete
si quieres, probaré a crecer.
Es insufrible ver que lloras
y yo no tengo nada que hacer.”

Which would translate to English similar to: Don’t ask me not to think out loud for my own well-being, or that I stand on a chair, if you want, I will try to grow… It aches to see you crying, when I can do nothing about it.

And as Joan Manuel says, the truth is never sad, but what it does not have is a remedy.

@- The Ramones: Somebody put something in my drink. I know. Listening to The Ramones is a pumping spree. I always said they compose songs by playing two or three notes. Most of their songs are similar, so if you like one (as I do) you like them all!

Completely crazy selection, I know, but there’s different strokes for different folks. Goa ahead and look for them in YouTube, and enjoy your morning!

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